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Sneak Peek, or: A Recipe to Knock Supermom Off Her High Horse

Ok, I am currently working on a Cocoa-Chocolate Chip (or Carob/Carob Chip...pick your poison) Pancake recipe.  My official taste testers finally let me get one to eat.  Good thing I made them wait to eat theirs until I snapped a quick picture.

If those "good moms" that I hear so much about make their children Chocolate Chip pancakes on special occasions, I figured I could up the ante by making Cocoa-Chocolate Chip pancakes.  Ha!  Take THAT super moms!
I am going to proof the recipe again before I post it.  (Maybe I can actually wrangle more than half a pancake away from the taste testers this time.)

I could totally see this for breakfast, but also as a dessert option.  Imagine a warm earthy cocoa pancake, with melty chips of chocolate, covered with whipped cream and a few fresh strawberries.  Or maybe the hot, not-too-sweet pancake, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot fudge or caramel.  Oooh, or may the chocolatey pancake topped with a smear of peanut butter and rolled up...

Clearly it has been too long since I had chocolate.

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