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What Were They Thinking?

This is where you can find our latest rants.  They put gluten in THAT, too?  They passed WHAT legislation?  They did WHAT to the food?  Yep, it will all be here.  If you need to rant, too, feel free to comment...we will share the soapbox.

I just found out that there was gluten in Lil' Smokies...and also in commercial marzipan.  We had a close call with the marzipan this past week, which resulted in a little more drama than I realized when I planned on baking my son a gluten free, Doctor Who, TARDIS in the the time vortex, vanilla birthday cake with cream cheese icing.  Luckily, I was able to return the marzipan and make some home-made fondant, which resulted in this:

No, not perfect, but it did manage to make a certain newly-six-year-old happy, and that is good enough for this gluten free mama.


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