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GF Greatness

It can be hard to figure out what gluten free products are worth spending your hard earned money on, how to mix gluten free flours, what restaurants truly are GF friendly.  As we come across things that make my life easier, we will share.  Feel free to leave your own recommendations, tips, and tricks for navigating the gluten free world!


Udi's is our "standard" bread around our house.  It is reasonably priced, as far as gluten-free breads go (because, let's face it, gluten free breads are pricey), and it is available at many of the chain grocery stores.  The consistency is better than most store bought gluten free breads.  We wasted quite a bit of money on other brands before we found Udi's.  They also have bagels that are quite tasty.  (They also won me over with the abundance of coupons that can be found for their products!)  We are really looking forward to trying out their new hamburger buns and hotdog buns.  We will report back afterwards and let you know what we think!


I am currently in love with evol. bowls.  I tried the Chicken Enchilada today.  It was tasted awesome--favorful but not overly spicy, and is gluten free.  It can also boast super eco-friendly packaging.  They are rock stars!

I was also blown away by Tabatchnick's frozen soup.  I tried the Yankee Bean soup, and it rocked my world! (Bonus: it was really reasonably priced!)  AND, as if all that was not enough, they do have gluten free soups, organic soups, vegetarian soups, kosher soups, and low calorie soups.  I may have failed to mention that, normally, I despise any soup that is not homemade...but I was so jazzed about this one that I promptly started bragging about it to everyone at my office.  Love it!!!


The best noodle (other than homemade) that I have found is Schar.  We have tried their penne pasta and several others, and they all had a really "normal" texture (which is really saying something when you are talking about gluten free noodles...trust me, we have bought some that were so bad I threw the meal out!).

Schar also has a really good bread, but I have only found it in one specialty store, and it was a bit pricey; however, my older daughter raved over the texture/density of it and proclaimed it her over-all favorite.


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